Nirmala shares her testimony of how the power of the risen Lord gives her strength to endure her sufferings and to use it for the salvation of souls.

Born as a cradle Catholic, my faith life was very negligible, often limited to just Sunday mass or sometimes not even that. I could’ve also been called your typical “needy Christian”, because I usually prayed only when I needed something. And because our God is a faithful God, my prayers were always answered. For me, God was someone who existed somewhere up there and a person to seek out when I needed something; never to look back on once my prayers were answered. I wandered away from God many times as a teenager. I would now say with confidence, that it was perhaps my mother’s prayers that shielded me from becoming a Satan worshipper. I say this because there were a couple of hidden attempts to get me and my husband to the satanic church.  If it were not for my mother, our souls would have been lost a long time ago.

About 14 years ago, following the diagnosis of diabetes, I started having high blood pressure, which led to Chronic kidney failure. My doctors said I would need dialysis, or a transplant soon. The news, though a bit shocking, wasn’t depressing. People who knew me, said it was my will power that was allowing me to stay strong and I felt very proud of myself, giving no credit to my Creator’s invisible hands holding me steady. Having seen the worst-case scenarios of transplants as a transplant nurse, however I was not ready to undergo a transplant.

A few years ago, I had a God experience and had a thirst to learn more about my faith and my Lord. Daily mass became my passion. Reading about the lives of saints and how they won souls for our Lord became exciting stories for me. Knowing how the saints offered their sufferings to win souls, changed the way I looked at my physical problems and limitations. Though I never complained about my illness or felt depressed, I didn’t know how to transform my sufferings into blessings. Our Lord gave me the grace to openly talk about my condition without secrecy, and I had people come up to me and vent their fears about their illness as well. A few said I was an inspiration to them to turn their focus back to Jesus. Yet a few others, shared that my story changed the way they took on their suffering. I had a strong belief that God was in control, no matter what happened.

Our Lord suffered his passion, died
and rose again and it is in this victorious
and risen Christ,that I place my trust.

There were times when I was in hospital and severely ill. But the prayers of many, including those of my friends and family, brought me out even stronger. I realized God was using me for others, more than for myself. I was being His instrument, for His purpose. Besides, the realization that my Lord paid a big price to save a sinner like me, hit my soul in a very powerful way. I felt the desire to make it up to Jesus for the time I had lost while in my sinful days. The mercy of Jesus during his passion was very overpowering. Much against my doctors’ recommendations I delayed dialysis and only started it last year. When people talk to me pitifully about being on dialysis, I tell them it’s not a great deal of suffering. It’s through the power of His passion that I am able to take my suffering lightly. To this day He has held me strong. Our Lord suffered his passion, died and rose again and it is in this victorious and risen Christ that I place my trust. He keeps me going daily like a “living miracle”, to the point it makes me wonder, “am I suffering at all?  I don’t think so”. The Risen Lord is my refuge and He is my joy and my strength.

Staying within my limitations, I now use every effort to praise my God and uphold His name wherever I can. He is the reason I live. He gave me all that I needed to live a successful life. Besides faith, one of the greatest gifts he gave me is a wonderful husband who takes good care of me. He showers his countless blessings on me every day.  Without Him, I would not be walking now as His witness. My God is an awesome, all-powerful, loving God, leading me to green pastures always. Thank you, Lord, for being my God!!

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