• After a nuclear war, humanity would have to ‘start from scratch’.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to awaken your desire to pray.

  • In the name of God, stop this massacre in Ukraine.

  • The saints show us how to live in communion with the Church.

  • In the midst of all these crises, you have to prepare and help so that the August 2023 World Youth Day be a fresh, creative event with life and strength.

  • Jesus is with us, even when we’re tempted.

  • Lent is about eternal rewards, not appearances.

  • Focus on the goodness in others, not the flaws.

  • Addiction to digital media can hurt human relationships.

  • Why turn the other cheek? To defeat hatred and evil, turning the other cheek is not the loser’s fallback.

  • Don’t blame misfortunes on God, instead turn to conversion.

  • In your ministry, let yourselves be guided by the meek and concrete example of Saint Joseph; like him, never cease to wonder at God’s marvelous gifts.

  • The current pandemic puts a heavy weight on our carefree representation of the things that matter, for life and its destiny.

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