By posing three questions to us, visually challenged Dixon D’souza challenges us to trust in God’s plan for our lives.

Praise the Lord!

My name is Dixon D’souza and I’ve been a Jesus Youth since June 2011. I work as a senior accessibility tester with an IT firm; currently preparing myself to become a subject matter expert.

Before sharing how the Lord has been working in my life, I would love for you to think about your reactions to these situations:

  1. A three-year-old child sees a colourful canister of cleaning liquid (chemicals) and asks his mother for some to taste.
  2. After some time he asks his mom for the car keys to drive the car.
  3. A little later and hungry, he comes to his mother for food.

I was born and brought up in a typical Catholic family. Since childhood my parents taught me to pray. I attended catechism classes and everything was good. As a teenager I realised I was not following God because I desired to but rather, out of obligation, probably fear also played a part. Gradually, I drifted away from God. In 2001 I lost the ability to see from my left eye. This further pushed me away from God. I was trying to get back to life and focused on completing my studies, but soon after my graduation, in January 2009, I lost sight from my right eye as well.

It was an excruciating phase that still cannot be put to words. Right when I hoped to start my career, I was left with no hope and felt like I lost everything in life. I had plans to do my masters and wanted a successful career, but everything seemed shattered. This was the time I abandoned faith, and God.

In 2010 I attended a convention with my mother. I still remember a bishop from Australia was preaching and he asked us to repeat two Bible verses. Galatians 2:20: It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me and Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. When I started repeating these Bible verses something started working inside me. Of course, externally nothing perceptible occurred but internally, I knew that my attitude towards life and especially God had taken a U-turn.

Soon after, I began to look for a job or start a business so that I could earn my living without being dependent on my parents. Till September 2016, I kept trying several things to build my career, nothing seemed to work, but I knew for sure that God had plans for me. There was one thing, however, I continued to do during this time – I kept learning about new technologies through Google and YouTube. I loved technology a lot but unfortunately couldn’t get into engineering because of low grades and had to settle with Commerce.

As it is written in Jeremiah 29:11, I have plans for you, plans for your prosperity and not for your destruction. This promise was fulfilled in my life in September, 2016. I attended an interview for a job where the work involved testing PDF documents for an IT firm. My interview unsurprisingly did not go well as I knew nothing about coding or testing. But I requested the HR personnel to give me a chance. She spoke with the management. The next day I was informed they would hire me as an intern and I would earn just enough to meet my travelling expenses and some basic needs; but I would have to prove myself in three months. Failing which, I would be relieved. It was a dicey situation as I was earning more than double, working from home as a data entry operator. The office was ninety minutes away from my home, which meant I would spend three hours just travelling to earn less than half of what I was then earning. But those Bible verses flashed in my mind (Gal 2:20 and Phil 4:13). I accepted the offer.

One month after working as a PDF tester, to my surprise HR and management wanted to shift me to web and application testing, based on my performance. Despite being ignorant about coding, they saw potential and wanted to give me a shot. There too, by God’s grace, I was able to excel and after three months of internship, I was made permanent.

I realised then that God was preparing me from 2009 to 2016 for this career, knowing that I loved the IT field, despite my Commerce background. I was overwhelmed by the past three months because God had indeed done a lot for me. But the surprises were not over. The management loved my performance so much that three months later, I was given the opportunity to work for one of their premium clients. On hearing which client it was, I was dumbfounded. This client is among the top three tech companies in the world and engineers dream to work with them. But here I was, a visually challenged, Commerce graduate.

That day I sat before the Lord, wondering why he was being so gracious to me; I got my answer through the questions I posed before this sharing. I realised that he was preparing me all these years. The job was like the car keys. I was kept waiting, being prepared so that once I received the blessing, I could make the best of it.

Since then my career has been going well. That wary intern, who could have lost his job had he not performed well, is today preparing to be a subject matter expert for one of the world’s leading tech companies. During this phase of life I realised one more thing, God does not fulfil your wants but he makes sure that all your needs are met. Though I wanted a lot of things, God made sure I had all that I needed, not before or after – but at the right time.

The three situations at the start still stay true whenever I ask God for something. And I don’t shy away from asking anything. He is my Father and as a child I have every right to ask him, but his response is like that of the mother. If something is harmful, like the chemicals, he will never give it to me. If like the car key, he will prepare me for it and if it is like food, he will grant that blessing immediately.

Hope that you are encouraged by what God has done in my life. You too can trust God in every situation of life, for he never delays, but provides the right things at the right time. Today we might not understand why we are in certain situations but God’s understanding is beyond ours. And he is faithful, more than we ever can be.

God bless us all.

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