God made the impossible possible in his life, attests Niju Varghese.

6th August 2009. It was my birthday and I was praying in the chapel for my studies. I wanted to do my bachelors in nursing, having completed my diploma in the same, but didn’t have the finances to pursue it. After Holy Mass, I heard a voice telling me that I would only have to apply for the course and God would make a way. I knew that the course fees amounted to a lot and I didn’t have any money.

The application cut-off time for the course had already passed by then. I spoke with the spiritual father of the nursing college and asked if there were any seats available. He said he would enquire with the principal and let me know. The student interviews for the course were already over. There was no way I could get a seat; I hadn’t applied for the course simply because I didn’t have the resources to pay for it. By human standards, it was impossible for me to get a seat, but the Lord made space for me even before I applied for the course. A student who was supposed to join from Northeast India opted out of admission and the principal selected me for that seat!

So, I got the seat for the course but didn’t have any money to pay the fees. But there too, our God made things possible and opened many doors for me. I could pay the fees for the whole two-year duration of the course, without any difficulty.

I still remember the people who generously helped me. I didn’t have to ask anybody for the fees. These were people who helped without even knowing me personally. I am certain that the Lord had a plan and he arranged everything for me.

Our God is a God of possibilities. Where the world says that you won’t be able to do it, his Word says, With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). This Word of God really bore fruit in my life. We need to have that deep faith in the Lord and he will definitely act in our lives. He is a God who understands us more than anyone in this world. He works wonders if we trust him blindly rather than on our abilities and wealth. He will do wonders among common people like you and me.

It was simply impossible for me to reach Australia with my abilities and skills. But the Lord, whom I completely trust, brought me here even without IELTS. I work as a clinical coder in a hospital among Australians where I am the only Indian. The Lord gave me a job I could never dream of or imagine and I am very sure that he brought me here to share the Good News, give hope to many ordinary people, tell them that our God is a God of the ordinary and he is always faithful.

Soon after I reached Australia, I got the opportunity to go for a Jesus Youth mission to Papua New Guinea where God performed many miracles and wonders through us, faithless sinners, among the youth there. There were many physical healings, conversions, etc.

Our God doesn’t need our abilities and wealth, he only needs our availability, and he will fill us with everything that we need for our lives. We must only trust in him.

My dear friends in Christ, our God is a mighty God who can do anything for us if only we have two things, ‘blind faith and complete trust in him’; he will do wonders among ordinary people like you and me.

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