Children share few of the favourite traditions they enjoy with their families

Everyone has a favorite thing to do with their family and mine is traveling. We plan way ahead which keeps me very excited about those amazing days with my family. It’s a break from my normal routine so I am very happy to go on such trips. On the previous day of the trip, we pack our bags ourselves and my mom adds to it. I wake up very early – we kids prepare breakfast like pancakes or waffles. We take the leftover so that we can eat it during the journey. We start the trip saying the rosary or the DMC. We sing songs, tell stories, and listen to music, so the journey never is boring. If we see any interesting places we go there and spend some time together. We take pictures so that later my mom can make albums from it. For lunch, we stop at a restaurant – mostly Chipotle because we all like it. When we go we always try to visit our family or friends, mostly my dad or mom’s classmates so I get more friends which makes me happy. At the end of the day, we stay in an inn where we sometimes watch movies before going to sleep. Our visit to Florida, San Antonio, McAllen, Austin, and Georgia are all unforgettable experiences in my life. In conclusion, traveling is an awesome activity you can do with your family!

Christon Joshy

 One of my favorite things to do is to go outside. Why? Because, especially during this quarantine season I have been feeling pretty bored sitting at home watching TV all day, so I decided that I should go outside and get some fresh air every day. While I’m outside I usually help my dad with the vegetable garden. My job is to water the plants and also to spray my sister with water. My second favorite thing to do is to go biking with my siblings. I love the idea of feeling the fresh breeze against my face!

Therese Roy

My favorite thing to do with my family is to dine together. I like to have nice conversations over delicious food with my family. We make varieties of food together. Everyone has different items that we like to make. It helps us to learn new skills and bond with each other better. When I help with the household chores, it relieves the stress on my mom. My parents have taught me to invite the Holy Family in preparing the food and at the table when we eat. Quarantine has been a blessing in disguise for me and I get to eat my favorite food items prepared by my own family!

Nathan Regy

I love to play games with my family. Here we created a game that the entire family can play, at the same time helps us to learn bible too. So I thought of a fun game anyone can do, that helps you with your faith also. It’s a relay race that helps you learn Bible verses. So you need four or more people to play. You will need some sticks or any object. If there are four of you then it is 2 vs 2. This is how you play. You and a player from the other team start off the race with one of the objects in your hand. The other 2 players are half way through the race. When the race starts, you run and run until you reach your other teammate. Then you say a Bible verse correctly with no mistakes. If you do, pass the stick or the object to you teammate, and then they will run and reach the finish line. By playing this game it helps you with your Christian faith by learning the Bible verse. I love playing this game with my siblings and parents. Helping me and the entire family to learn Bible verses and is a fun game too!

Paul Benson

We have been hearing saints’ stories everyday but have you ever wondered who is really a saint? Well, I have got the answer! Saints are ordinary people who lived a pious life pleasing to God. My family tradition is that in family prayer we pray saints’ novenas every day. Each day it is a different saints’ novena. Like on Sundays, my family prays to St. Joseph for a happy death because he died peacefully in the hands of Jesus Christ and St. Mary. On Monday we pray to St. Alphonsa novena for the protection from illness because she had an appalling illness. On Tuesday we pray to St. Anthony of Padua because he is the patron saint of lost things. On Wednesday we pray St. Jude’s novena because he is the patron saint of desperate cases. On Thursday we pray to St. Sebastian because he is the patron saint of athletes and archers. On Friday we pray to Infant Jesus. On Saturdays we pray our dear Mother Mary’s novena. During this pandemic, we pray St Sebastian’s Novena every day for protection from COVID-19. Since saints are so close to God in heaven, they can intercede for us!

Sanya Sabu

 ​I love to do everything with my family. My most favorite family fun is watching movies together with my parents and brothers. When we watch movies as a family, I microwave some popcorn and me and my family eat it as we watch the movie. Sometimes we get sleepy and fall asleep! When it’s funny, we all laugh loudly. Sometimes, me and my brothers fight for the blankets. Also, when something scary or yucky happens, we close our eyes. We like to watch some of the movies my parents pick, and sometimes, we watch movies that we pick. Sometimes we watch marvel movies or Disney movies. Also, sometimes we talk during the movie. We love to watch movies together!

Diya Jacob

 Family prayer is my favorite tradition because you are with your whole family and you can get closer to God. God listens to your prayers so when I feel like no one’s listening to me I always remember that God is listening. Family prayer is important because it keeps the devil away, and last but not least it keeps everyone happy!

Daniella Paul

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