When I think of family, the two things that come to mind instantly are ‘freedom’ and ‘love’. My parents built in their daughters a deep-seated feeling of trust – that no matter what goes wrong, they will always stand by us and fight for us till their last breath. I admired their punctuality and inherited the habit of reading from my dad. My mom was one of my favourite teachers. They have always been warriors; they taught us to be brave and courageous, and not be ashamed to admit a mistake. We have witnessed how well they treated their parents, and they have been role models for us.My husband taught me selflessness and true leadership. I never had the feeling of being transplanted into a different family after marriage, as they had the same values as me. Our silent prayer for family was answered in the best way possible.

Susmitha Melvin, Singapore

Through the six years of being married, I feel I have grown tremendously. I have felt love and healing take place in areas of my insecurity and brokenness through my spouse and children, and importantly, learned how to depend on the Lord above all else for His love. Various daily situations have revealed to me many weaknesses that I thought I never had, as well as made me develop strengths that I thought I was incapable of acquiring! Procrastination and poor time management has always been a struggle for me, but I have been forced to prioritise and manage time effectively so that I can do justice to all the roles I want to live out. And so I am stretched without being broken! I have discovered my contentment now comes firstly from having lived out each day at home in love, and that is the legacy I want to leave behind.

Hazel Crasto, UK

I think family is one of the biggest blessings from God that we take for granted, simply because they are always there. Very often we fail to realise how wonderfully God has provided for us through our families. Growing up I was very fortunate to have a very peaceful and stable family life. Even though my dad had passed away when I was really young, I never felt that void – my Mom made sure of that. When me and my brother were small, my mom used to read to us stories of saints and made us pray the way of the cross. We would force her to read to us the story of St. George and the dragon, he was our favourite superhero growing up.The biggest gift I’ve received through my family is to have an abiding faith in Christ regardless of the situation I am going through. Mom taught me to always seek the will of God and pray to God before doing anything in life. I always have confidence in my troubles because I know I have a family who is always praying for me.I praise and thank God for this beautiful gift of family.

Julius Arjun Fernandez, Singapore

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