What would happen if we pray more and complain less?

Prayer is able to ensure the relationship with God, who is the true companion of man’s journey, in the midst of many hardships of life: good or bad. In life’s ups and downs. So it is essential to make prayer your constant companion. The same thing that happened to Peter and Paul in prison: now as then, so many closed doors would be opened, so many chains that bind would be broken. Only prayer unlocks certain chains. The closeness that joined Peter and Paul, in spite of their differences, did not come from natural inclinations, but from the Lord through prayer.

Bring everything into dialogue with God

King David is an example of being consistent in prayer no matter what life throws at you or what good or bad you do. Though David knew solitude and loneliness in his life, through the power of prayer he was never alone. The two characteristics of David’s life and vocation: that he was a shepherd and that he was a poet. David is a sensitive person who loves music and singing. Prayer arises from there: from the belief that life is not something that slides into us, but an amazing mystery, which evokes in us poetry, music, gratitude, praise, or lamentation, supplication etc.

Individualism is ‘illusory’

In the period to follow the coronavirus pandemic, people should remember they are made for communion with others and with God. Now more than ever the claim to focus everything on ourselves is illusory. In this way, we will be able to get out of this crisis spiritually and morally stronger; and this depends on the conscience and responsibility of each of us. We are not alone, however, but together and united with the grace of God.

Three additional invocations in the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pope Francis adds three titles to Catholic litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary as “Mater misericordiae,” “Mater spei,” and “Solacium migrantium.” ” “Mater misericordiae,” means, “Mother of mercy,” “Mater spei,” means “Mother of hope,”  “Solarium migrantium,”  means “Comfort of migrants,”  The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been an approved prayer for the intercession of Mary by the Church since the late 16th century. It consists of the recitation of formal and informal titles of Mary, followed by the request to Mary to “pray for us.”

God awaits us in our darkest moments

Continuing his cycle of catechesis on prayer, pope reflected on Jacob’s struggle with an angel described in the Book of Genesis (Genesis 32:23-33 ) The episode offered an insight into prayer. We all have an appointment in the night with God, in the night of our lives, in the many nights of our lives: dark moments, moments of sin, moments of disorientation. In this moment of trial we will become aware of our poverty before God. But we will have nothing to fear because in that very moment God will give us a new name, which contains the meaning of our whole life. From this account, the spiritual tradition of the Church has retained the symbol of prayer as a battle of faith and as the triumph of perseverance. ‘Wrestling with God’ is a metaphor for prayer. He changed his name, changed his way of life and changed his personality: he came out changed. In our darkest moments God awaits us and is ready to transform us.

Catholic media should help young to distinguish good from evil

We need media capable of building bridges that can help young people to distinguish between good and evil, presenting the facts in a clear and unbiased way. We need men and women of conviction who protect communication from all that would distort it or bend it to other purposes. A true communicator dedicates himself or herself completely to the welfare of the others, at every level, from the life of each individual to the life of the entire human family.

Pope Francis says…

  • Prayer is the soul of hope.
  • Discover the riches hidden in Jesus’ Sacred Heart’
  • The Eucharist gives us Christ’s healing love
  • There is no true love without the cross
  • Lord’s command is not to like but love one another
  • Christians should fear sin, not the hostility, violence, or persecution

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