Kairos Global July Issue (Issue 29)

Art is a profound way of having a relationship with Christ. In this issue of Kairos Global, we are looking at various initiatives from around the world which creatively share the good news -Paintings which lift us closer to Jesus, Poems which draw us to Him. Ashani Perera, the coordinator of JY Sri Lanka shares her life with Sharrol Jose. Adolf Goldwyn gives us a clear and concise understanding of what Spiritual Communion actually is and how we can prepare ourselves to receive it worthily. A well-read bible is a sign of a well-fed soul. Anil Israel shares tips on how to enrich our souls with this buried treasure. Elizabeth Suk-Hang Lam encourages us to view christianity and science as two sides of the same coin rather than two different entities. Plus all the regular sections! Ask Fr Bitaju, Quiz time, Movie Review, Kids section and much more…

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