Elsa Vijay portrays how God can speak directly to our heart through a piece of art that was inspired by the Holy spirit


“From the greatness and beauty of created things comes a corresponding perception of their Creator” (Wisdom 13:5). God reveals himself to mankind through the universal language of creation, which is the work of his Word. The author of beauty created everything in his own delight as an artist.

Nature is God’s artwork and it reveals the supreme artist. Recapturing nature’s beauty on canvases can direct the minds of the viewers to the ultimate and eternal beauty that is God.

Wall decor with a scriptural theme is sure to bring inspiration and encouragement and it can have a deep impact on our lives. God can speak directly to our heart through a piece of art that was inspired by the Holy spirit. In addition, an exterior piece of art can also definitely lift our hearts to interior worship.

Adorning a house in the spirit of Christian belief is something that evokes calmness, reminding the dwellers of their connection with the divine. It can truly transform the entire interior design, enhance its charm and will provide reasons for constant contemplation of the Word.


From Genesis to Revelation we find the name of our God as ‘I AM’. In the New Testament Jesus confirms himself as ‘I AM’, through the seven ‘I AM’ statements. The more we ponder them, the more awesome they become. This oil painting set of the seven ‘I AM’ inspires one to spend a lot of time meditating the majestic truths wrapped in the name of God. Jesus, the epitome of all teachers makes continual use of nature as a channel of communication and teaching aid.

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