Sherin Alexander narrates how it was a loving sentence from her father that made her realise the power of lies dominating her life

A few months after our wedding, my hubby and I visited my parents’ house. At the end of the weekend, before we left the house, I kept a letter I had written for them on their dresser in their room. Our wedding day and the few weeks following it had given me a strong realisation and feeling of gratitude for being their beloved daughter. So, in the letter, I thanked my dad for being a good reflection of Father God in the way he loved,protected, provided and cared for me and I thanked my mom for being a good reflection of the Church through her nurturing, selfless and tender care for me.

Towards the end of last year, during one of my personal prayers, I had received a message of healing and restoration from the Lord for me in the year 2020. It was further confirmed when a friend gifted me the book “Be Healed” by Bob Schuchts. Since I could use some physical and fertility healing, I was especially relieved to receive the message of healing.

A few months ago, I emailed my flight itinerary information to my dad telling him that I would be coming into Chicago from Florida for my friends’ wedding, but I would be arriving at midnight on Thursday since that was the only flight that worked for me. I was sad to be of inconvenience to him since we wouldn’t get home till at least 1am and he had to work the next morning. Dad replied saying he was happy that I was coming into town and the arrival time of the flight was not inconvenient for him to pick me up. The email ended with “It is my duty and my privilege.” This sentence ignited a series of reflections in me.

First and foremost, that took me to God the Father’s love for me. In my prayer, I imagined Father God saying to me “It is my duty and my privilege to shower good things on you. It is my duty and my privilege to love you and provide for you and protect you. It is my duty and my privilege to give you all the graces you need for the journey.” I never thought about it that way: that Father God would consider it his duty and his privilege!

Further prayer and reflection based on this thought along with my spiritual readings led me to recognize certain lies I had long believed and did not know about: the lie that my strong personality and convictions are a burden to others… that I was often a financial burden with my big dreams and medical conditions. The reality is that no one has ever said these things to me and yet, somehow I believed these lies, unknowingly.

My dad’s statement was truly a reminder for me of how precious and valued I am also to Father God. It reminded me of my status as the beloved daughter in an even more deeper and newer way. It spoke the truth to a hidden area in me that was convinced of lies of being a burden. I felt an urgent need for confession as I realized this.

I used a resourceful pamphlet to help me prepare for this confession. It explained that at the root of the seven deadly sins (pride, envy, greed, gluttony, lust, anger, sloth) could be lies we have believed, which often cover our deeper fears in our hearts. The pamphlet had a prayer model for renunciation of the lies and fears identified. Using that model, I prayed, “In the name of Jesus, I renounce the lie and fear that I am a burden, which has led me to the pride of self-reliance, invulnerability and protective mechanisms. Father, I trust that You are always with me and that I am precious, accepted and valued as I am in your eyes.”

After confession, as I walked out of the confessional, I felt lighter and renewed. I was glad that it was with this that the Lord wanted to start off His promise of healing me this year!

When I shared my reflections and experiences with my friends, I realized how common this lie is and how this lie takes different forms in people’s lives. May God’s unconditional and merciful love reach all the hidden, dark and unknown areas of our lives and may we experience renewed joy and confidence in our sonship and daughter-ship.

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