One of the questions we frequently encounter about Kairos is regarding its design. Kairos Global is designed by Mustard Tree – a group of youngsters from Delhi, India. The Kairos Malayalam edition, for years has been designed by Mr. Shaji Joseph, who previous to this, has worked with various professional advertising agencies. The readers are always very impressed by the cover pages and the design of Kairos magazines, which communicate the theme of that month’s edition with creativity and artistic excellence. It is true that creativity is something which touches the heart of the people. The recently launched YouTube channel and audio magazines of Kairos Media, are also responses to the call for creativity in sharing the good news of Jesus to today’s generation.

One of the new projects under development at Kairos is a magazine for children aged three to twelve. One thing we realised is that, making a creative and interesting magazine for the above mentioned age group is more difficult than the publications for the older age groups. Today’s children are exposed to a whole lot of interesting and creative content from many sources. Therefore, we need to be much more creative in presenting the Gospel and its values in an attractive form to them.

I think it was in connection with one of the first ever large-scale Jesus Youth campus gatherings, which took place in 1988, that this simple pamphlet was brought out. It was green in colour and had shades of lots of leaves on it with one leaf darker in shade. There was a challenging question at the end which said ‘Would you dare to be that leaf?’ It was so simple, but meaningfully and powerfully communicated the message of the gathering. More than 1500 college students participated in that conference and it finally resulted in the Jesus Youth movement spreading to many new places.

Creativity is very powerful, especially for the youth. The essence of art, music, literature and entertainment is creativity and it is no wonder that the entire population, especially the young are so hooked to it.

In this issue of Kairos Global, we are looking at various initiatives from around the world which creatively share the good news. Subscribers and readers are welcome to share creative ways to make Kairos Global reach new heights.

Let us pray to the creative Spirit of God, to guide Kairos Media in touching the hearts of today’s generation with the message of God.

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