Sruthi Jimeesh recollects an experience she had many years back, of the tragic yet hope
filled story of a newborn baby,lovingly called Rosemol

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!” Isaiah 49:15

More than 10 years back, a newborn named Rosemol earned this promise of God by Isaiah, through her suffering.

It was during the 4th year of my nursing studies (at a college near Bangalore in India) that she came into my life. She had just been born, but since the couple had had 3 elder daughters and were hoping for and expecting a baby boy, they were heartbroken to know that the newborn was a girl! Her father then decided to abandon her at the hospital itself to die. He did not even want to see her face, and as for her mother – who knows what was going through the woman’s mind – she never had the chance to feed her newborn even once. As they were preparing to leave the hospital a few hours after the delivery, I ran after them pleading and begging them to take their baby as well home. They wouldn’t look, they wouldn’t respond – they left, their newborn consigned to die in a dirty basin at the hospital.

Not knowing what to do, I called up the then Prolife ministry members, who gave me the courage and support to fight for the baby. Empowered by their support, myself and a few of our Jesus Youth friends met with the hospital director, asking for us to be allowed to take guardianship for the newborn so that she could be given medical care. By the grace of God, he agreed and moved the baby to the neo-natal ICU. Yet, the 4-5 hours she had spent in the cold basin without any care was taking its toll on her tender body.

As I spend time outside the NICU praying and pleading with God for her, I experienced for the first time in my life the love of a parent for his/her child, as my heart was filled with motherly love for this little girl whom I had just met. I dreamed of her – going to school, growing up, of a future filled with hope, as we offered up rosaries and prayers for her.

By evening though, her condition had worsened and because of the limited facilities at our hospital, the director asked us to take her to St John’s Medical College hospital in Bangalore to provide better medical care. So there we were, on an ambulance traveling to St John’s with a newborn connected to an oxygen mask in my arms. As she lay in my arms, I gave her an emergency baptism, giving her the name Rosemol. About an hour into the journey, the already much-endured body of Rosemol made a final struggle, before falling asleep for the last time. When we reached St. John’s, they confirmed that she was already dead.

Having experienced the joy of motherhood a few hours earlier, I now experienced the pain of bereavement to the fullest. For a long time, I was overcome by a terrible sense of sadness and loss, but as time passed I came to accept it as the will of God, our heavenly father. As a group we then started praying for the intercession of Rosemol in heaven.

A couple of years later, while attending a retreat and being prayed over, the elder mentioned that he saw the vision of a little angel praying over me. Initially I told him that I didn’t know of any little children that were in God’s presence from my family, but then I remembered Rosemol. It was only a day that I was a mother to her, yet I realized how much she valued that motherly care! I started sharing about Rosemol to our Jesus Youth friends as well as in retreats and other groups.

The greatest miracle was yet to come and it happened after the birth of our son – Antony. Even while he was as little as 2 or 3 months old, when he cried my mom would seek the intercession of Rosemol and ask Rosemol to come and play with Antony, her brother. And every time this happened, we were amazed at how miraculously Antony would suddenly stop crying, look heavenward and start smiling. Now Antony has a sister in heaven, all because of what the Lord did more than 10 years back.

Although the little girl Rosemol was alive only for a few hours, Jesus had a plan for her life and I have seen and experienced this plan – and through me many others have also come to know about it. Praise be to Jesus.

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Sruthi Jimeesh is a nurse living in Ludwigshafen, Germany with her husband Jimeesh and son Antony.