Jesus taught in parables, stories taken from everyday life.

Human beings are storytellers.  From childhood we hunger for stories just as we hunger for food. Sacred Scripture is a Story of stories. It shows us from the very beginning, a God who is both creator and narrator. The Bible is the great love story between God and humanity. Every generation should memorize the most significant episodes recounted in Sacred Scripture to better communicate its meaning as we read That you may tell your children and grandchildren” (Ex 10:2). We need wisdom to welcome true stories and courage to reject false and evil stories.

The beatitudes should be considered “a Christian’s identity card”

Inaugurating a new cycle of catechesis dedicated to the Beatitudes, Pope Francis reflects on Jesus’ invitation to conduct a life of humility, poverty and mercy. Jesus taught the Beatitudes as a part of his “Sermon on the Mount,” adding that the mountain is an allusion to Sinai, where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. The beatitudes should be a defining feature of a Christian’s identity because they reveal the face of Jesus himself.  There are eight beatitudes. It would be nice to learn them by heart to repeat them, to have precisely in mind and heart, this law that Jesus gave us. The beatitudes are a message for all of humanity.

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