Jismy Juda-Thaddeus dwells on the four main charisms that make a woman unique.

It was during a young women’s road trip that I first came across this term- ‘Feminine genius’. We were having a picnic by York Cathedral, when an elder surprised us with roses she brought for each one of us. “I want to remind each one of you that you are beautiful, and you are valued for who you are. Your dignity as a woman is not defined by what you do but by just ‘being’”, she said. Deeply moved and amazed at the same time, I remember just sitting there looking at that rose she gave me.

“Thank you, every woman, for the simple fact of being a woman”! St. John Paul II writes in his letter to women, written in 1995. He emphasizes the unique gifts and potential of womanhood, the ‘Feminine Genius!’. In today’s culture, true femininity is often misunderstood as being weak if it is not in competition with masculinity. A woman’s feminine genius is unique and indispensable to the society and to the church. Although there are various qualities to the feminine genius, the main four aspects are receptivity, sensitivity, generosity and maternity.

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Jismy, having completed her degree in Physics is currently serving as a full-time youth volunteer for Jesus Youth UK. She lives in Eastbourne, UK with her parents and sister, Jitsy.