Sherin Alexander´s heartfelt and honest recounting of her journey of finding purpose, both as a believer and as a woman

For the past few days, I have been mulling over different ideas regarding women in ministry. The more I thought about it, I started to wonder: what do I know about women in ministry? What experience and authority do I have to write about it?

Finally, after much brainstorming, by the time I sat down to write the article, I am on a flight from Tampa to Houston, with my husband, to help out with a marriage preparation course. I started to think about my own journey in this ministry.

During my college days, I attended a FOCUS women’s event where they talked about Creighton Model female cycle charting method. I vividly remember being intrigued by it. When I was doing my graduate schooling as a Physician´s Assistant, I found myself being especially interested in hormone health. It was during my PA school that my second wave of conversion happened. When my dream program didn’t make me happy and fulfilled like I had hoped it would, I turned to the teachings of the Church for answers and I came across Mulieris Dignitatis and Letter to Women by Saint Pope John Paul II. Those documents led me to a deeper prayer life and a stronger rootedness in my identity as the beloved daughter Father God. From that flowed a desire to share that good news with other women. This led to a young women’s group that gathered for prayer, study and fellowship. I also found a new and renewed understanding of my career in the medical field; I started to see it as more of a vocation and less like a job. I desired to serve the Lord and his Kingdom through my profession. I remember discussing my inspirations about wanting to be a Natural Family Planning instructor with my spiritual director at the time. He affirmed that my calling is where my heart’s deepest desire meets the need of the time.

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Sherin Alexander, A Jesus Youth, A Physician Assistant at a family practice, a certified Marquette Model Natural Family Planning instructor lives with her husband in Chicago.