As Holy Mass and public gatherings remain suspended in many East Asian countries, a moving memoir from Elizabeth Lam as she lives through these unprecedented times in Hong Kong.

Can you imagine a day when there would be no Holy Mass celebrations anymore?

“The lights in the Church are off,

The choir is silent

Just as an empty church,

The only light that glows is the candle beside the Eucharist stand…”

This is what is happening in the modern societies of Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore now.

Since my birth, my loving parents have guided me to church every Sunday. And this has now become a habit and a family gathering, and even more a grateful moment and a spiritual union with Christ. Like most people, I do have moments of feeling bored, distracted, critical or rebellious while attending Mass. Yet, the love of God has never departed from me, not even during those times of my mischievous behaviour. His Temple has always been the most comforting home wherever I go. Whenever I have been to a strange country or region, I can always find consolation in the Church, and the Holy Communion has the indescribable power to strengthen and comfort me in a foreign place.

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Elizabeth Suk-Hang LAM works as a scientist in Hong Kong.She became involved with Jesus Youth when she was in Australia to complete a masters in science communication.