National Conference of Jesus Youth Oman

Evolution of the Conference:

Under the guidance of Holy Spirit, through a series of prayerful meetings, the National Conference Oman (NatCO-2020) evolved as a Conference of conferences, each based on the six pillars,

> Spiritual Conference

> Biblical Conference

> Sacramental Conference

> Fellowship Conference

> Evangelical Conference

> Serving Conference

The main objectives of this conference were to:
> Have a common national vision in accordance to the Catholic Church,
>  Share and appreciate new initiatives of Jesus Youth,
>  Thank and celebrate our fellowship with God,
>  Realize activities of Church and Jesus Youth across globe.

Spiritual Conference

The Spiritual Conference was launched in the month of July focusing on Daily prayer, with around 60 Constants Practicing Groups (CPGs), including about 8 Jesus Youths in each group. Thus around 500 Jesus youths from various regions of Oman encouraged each other and passionately practiced personal prayer.

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