Joel Jomy shares how the Rosary is a part of his life and its relevance

Daily Rosary has been an integral part of my family prayers since I can remember. There is never a day when we miss out on this prayer. And yet during my elementary years, I used to ponder on why we say such a long prayer each day. The beauty of being a Catholic, as explained by my parents is that we give such reverence to Mother Mary. When we go through the stations of the Cross, we realise her pain and the depth of her sacrifices. The events leading to Jesus being sentenced – to Jesus being taken to the cross and having to carry such a heavy cross, is a manifestation of the sacrifices he made for us, but what we often ignore is how a Mother had to see her son being taken all the way to the cross and being crucified. How difficult would it have been for a mother to stand so helpless and see her son being crucified?

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