The unexpected floods that happened in Kerala in 2018 created unimaginable havoc in the lives of millions of people in Kerala. It was vacation time in the college at which I am a faculty, and during those days, I sent a message to my students requesting for volunteers to reach out to the people affected. Within hours a large number came forward to spend the next three to four days cleaning up the houses wrecked by flood waters. On returning from holidays, we made an enquiry and realised that almost 25 percent of the students had ventured out to do some physical work to help with the relief efforts during those really difficult days. It was the so called lazy, ‘uncommitted’ youth who don’t ‘have any goals in life’ that ventured out forgetting all their difficulties, for nothing other than purely altruistic reasons, seeking little in return.

This happened not only in my campus but in the entire state which resulted in a change of perceptions about today’s youth, who were always blamed for their addiction to mobile phones and social media networks.

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