Holiness is the true light of the Church

Holiness permeates and always accompanies the life of the pilgrim Church over time, often in a hidden and almost imperceptible way. We must learn to see the holiness in the patient people of God: in parents who raise their children with so much love, in men and women who work to bring bread home, in the sick, in the elderly who continue to smile. The importance of recognizing the most hidden and least striking heroic sanctity is equally extraordinary as that which shines most visibly. The saints are people who have experienced the daily toil of existence with its successes and failures, finding in the Lord the strength to always get up and continue.  

Pray and entrust yourself to the Lord

If you choose Christ, you can’t turn to magicians. But even today some Christians will go to fortune-tellers, who use tarot cards or read palms to tell the future. But magic is not Christian! Christians should remember the grace of Christ brings you everything. So Pray and entrust yourself to the Lord of grace which is the leaven of every growth and would renew in us His love for the Church and for the deposit of the faith, which she preserves, to manifest the tenderness and love of the Divine Shepherd.

Honor the Dignity of Women for a better world in 2020

Pope Francis began the New Year with a call for the dignity of women to be honored and not exploited for profit and pornography in 2020. How many times is the woman’s body sacrificed on the profane altars of advertising, profit, pornography and exploited as a surface to be used?  If we want a better world, which is a house of peace and not a war zone, we have to care for the dignity of every woman. Women are sources of life. Yet they are continually offended, beaten, raped, coaxed into prostitution and to kill the life that forms in their womb. Any violence inflicted on women is a profanation of God, born of a woman.

Families get off their cell phones and talk to one another.

We need to retake communication within the family: parents, children, grandparents and siblings must communicate with each other. The Holy Family of Nazareth represents a choral response to the will of the Father. The three members of this exceptional family help each other to discover and carry out God’s plan. The Holy Family was totally available to God’s will providing an example of obedience and openness for families today. Let us entrust to Mary, ‘Queen of the family,’ all the families of the world, especially those experiencing suffering or unease and invoke her maternal protection on them.

“Communion” among generations is vital for human dignity and a healthy society.

There should be community of solidarity between young and old.  The elderly are “a memory of the people,” and valuable contributors to society. They have ‘‘wisdom and experience’’ that is a key to create a world that is more respectful of everyone’s rights. The elderly, particularly grandparents, have a unique and special ability to handle difficult situations.  Young people are the strength of the journey of a people and the elderly reinvigorate this force with memory and wisdom.

Martyrs are a sign that the Church is following Jesus

Persecution has always been a part of the Church’s life, and that the witness of martyrdom is a blessing for all Christians. Martyrdom is the air of the life of a Christian, of a Christian community. There will always be martyrs among us: this is the sign that we are going on the way of Jesus. It is a blessing from the Lord, that there may be in the people of God, someone or someone who gives this witness of martyrdom.

Pope Francis says…

  • The family is a precious treasure: we must always support and protect it.
  • Old age should be viewed as a season of gift and the season of dialogue.
  • Paul resembled Jesus, his Master and made Him present, communicating to his brothers and sisters the same new life that he himself had received from the Lord.
  • The work of the pastor is to keep watch, to be vigilant, to guard the flock; but also oneself, examining one’s conscience.

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