Jacinta Roncy shares how she he elder siblings and youth have influenced her positively

As a kid, I always wanted to talk and play with my brother and sister and their friends. They are always friendly and nice. They would always ask how my day was and what I had done in the day. One thing I admire most about them, is that they try to work together as team in everything they do. Sure, they might make mistakes, but in the end it all works out because they trust in God. We all, as kids, expect our youth to play with us, help us and guide us, and often they do. When we have a question, they try to answer them. When we talk to our older siblings, they sometimes encourage us to do things, giving us ideas for the future, and helping us to paint a picture of who we want to be when we grow up.

My siblings correct and guide me. My sister inspires me a lot to be a musician; mainly as a singer. She helps me out whenever I have a musical event, by helping me get the vocals and the lyrics correct. I’m just lucky to have a sister like her!

My brother motivates me to play sports like basketball. I’m not really that great at sports but I’m good at basketball because my brother helps me a lot.

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Jacinta Roncy is a 9- year old Catholic Homeschooler from Houston, USA, who is full of energy and enthusiasm. She loves to sing and dance, enjoys being with babies and spend her free time in reading