Green and environmental consciousness is the order of the day. All segments of people are much concerned about the need for protecting mother earth, and they do everything possible for that. But how can they fail to understand the preciousness of unborn child.

Animal lovers are also in plenty. There are various International organisations doing all things possible to ensure the well-being of animals. Even those who find the lives of animals precious, doesn’t often think that human lives are to be considered as precious as animals. I have to sincerely admit that I don’t understand these wrong priorities followed by many leaders of organisations and countries around the world, of over emphasising on the protection of environment and/or animals, and a failure in understanding the cruelty, inhumanness and immorality involved in the killing of innocent children before their birth.

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Dr. Chackochan J Njavallil is an Associate Professor and Head of the Research and PG Department of Commerce at Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous), a pioneer of Jesus Youth and the Chief Editor of Kairos and Kairos Global. He lives in Kajirappally, Kerala, India with his wife Dr.Daly and children Kochuthresi, Geovani, Deepanjali & Divyanjali