Setting up the Christmas crèche in our homes helps us to relive the history of what took place in Bethlehem. Parents should share this nativity tradition with their children so that one’s childhood memories of the joy and wonder of the nativity will help one to recall the “precious gift” of faith passed down within families. As we contemplate the Christmas story, we are invited to set out on a spiritual journey, drawn by the humility of the God who became man in order to encounter every man and woman. We come to realize that so great is His love for us that He became one of us, so that we in turn might become one with Him.

Inclusive capitalism leaves no one behind

An inclusive capitalism that leaves no one behind, that discards none of our brothers or sisters, is a noble aspiration. An economic system that is fair, trustworthy and capable of addressing the most profound challenges facing humanity and our planet is urgently needed. A glance at recent history, in particular the financial crisis of 2008, shows us that a healthy economic system cannot be based on short-term profit at the expense of long-term productive, sustainable and socially responsible development and investment.

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