Dr. Jacqueline Michael explores the knowledge and attitude required and the method and means with which to build a culture of Life in todays contrary world.

The written word has influenced the mind of man and the sculpting of society for millennia. Plato’s ‘The Republic’, considered to be one of the greatest works of philosophy and political theory ever written, shaped western thought for thousands of years. Similarly, Marx and Engels ‘The Communist Manifesto’, one of the founding pillars of communism, has influenced the lives of millions of people either directly or indirectly over the last 150 years.

Today’s written word may not come in inked tomes bound in leather, but rather on handheld devices encased in glass and polycarbonate. Nonetheless, the written word continues to shape ideas, drive narratives and influence action. The narratives we read and are influenced by are not penned by a single person but by an increasingly diverse number of people from across the globe. That almost every person who is connected to the internet can produce content and anyone can become an influencer goes without saying. But before we set about trying to build a culture of life or become an influencer, we need to learn and prepare.

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