Dino Paul narrates a heartrending account of a helpless little baby who crowned
in grace now intercedes for us.

In 2007, a bunch of vibrant JY who had a desire to love and serve babies in the womb facing the threat of abortion came together to start a ProLife ministry in Bangalore. However they were new to this and didn’t know what to do. So they decided to offer up their desire in prayer, to start and promote a ProLife culture, beginning with a strong intercession every week. The group gathered every Saturday for around 2-3 hours to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament, specially offering up the unborn.

It was not long, before the group was informed by a JY nurse, about a baby who was delivered at seven months and left without any support to help thrive. A seven month old baby in the womb is not fully developed, and needs extra care and hospitalisation to survive if born. However this child was not given any by the parents or doctors. Fully understanding that the intention of the delivery was not to respect life and unable to bear seeing the baby struggling to survive, this nurse called the Jesus Youth ProLife team in Bangalore. The ProLifers, on reaching there, they got a written consent from the parents to take the baby with them. After receiving the baby, they admitted her to St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, where the doctors advised that the baby would need expensive ventilator support but the chances of survival were miniscule. The ProLifers did not have any funds to pay for the treatment but nevertheless boldly decided to go ahead, raise the amount and treat the baby not worrying about the outcome. The baby soon started receiving treatment and the ProLifers swaddled her with all their tender love and care. The sisters at St. John’s baptised the baby and together named her Josephine Maria Rose.

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Dino Paul lives in Bangalore, India with his wife Soumya and three sons Mighael, Raphael and Gabriel.He is actively involved in Jesus Youth Prolife
ministry in India.