Rhea Jose’s review of the movie ‘The Sky is Pink’ highlights love, sacrifice, positivity and support as some of the most important pillars of a family.

“You can colour the sky any colour you want!” says Aditi to her son Ishaan who is scolded by his teacher for painting the sky pink.

‘The Sky is Pink’ is Shonali Bose’s third feature film based on a true story, spanning 25 years and takes us on a roller coaster ride with the Chaudhary family. The real life characters Niren and Aditi, played by Farhan Akhtar and Priyanka Chopra respectively, wrestle with agonizing losses in their marriage but endure it all, together, despite the seemingly unending turmoil it has on their lives.

The film keeps us glued to the screen as it takes us on a sentimental journey beginning from the womb, then delving into individual perceptions about terminal illness, pro-life decision making and the sacrifices a family has to make to keep their family ‘normal’.

It gives an uncommonly calm and collected take on the life and death of Aisha who is born with a rare congenital disorder. And the parents, despite having a premonition that this child they’ve conceived might be born with the same fatal disorder that snatched their first child Tanya, away, still CHOOSE LIFE!

In an era where standing for life and choosing to endure suffering for others is looked down upon, Niren, Aditi and Ishaan (Aisha’a elder brother) show us beautifully what lies when we go beyond our own selves for others’ sake and that the most important purpose of life is to live for each other.

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She is from Delhi and part of National Campus Team, India. She is currently pursuing her masters in Social Work