Hector Lewis and Rani, vibrant worship leaders, open up about their lives, ministering, God encounters and life changing convictions to a Jesus Youth High School group.

Hector and Rani rooted in the Jesus Youth life style, along with their three wonderful Children – Dann, Giovanni and Clare – live in Houston, Texas. Medical professionals by career, this couple is actively involved in the Jesus Youth formation programs and in every mission and ministry of the church and JY Movement. From singing in our local church choir to the WYD stage, from mentoring kids` groups to family units, from parenting a preschooler to guiding a college going son, this couple is orchestrating their life with Jesus at the center. Their life is a testimony to witnessing to the grace of our living lord.

Tell us something about your journey as a musician?

 Hector:  Music has always been my passion. I started my career as a musician at a very young age, starting as a drummer in my dad’s band. I grew up performing on various stages. By the age of 16, I had started off as a session guitarist for the local recording studios. It was around that time that I was blessed to have the opportunity to record and release my first instrumental album. Within a couple of years, I began to record and perform with many other prominent musicians and bands of the time as a drummer, bass guitarist, lead guitarist, vocalist, keyboard programmer, orchestrator, and songwriter

Tell us something about your entry into Christian music.

 Rani: Having been brought up in a musical family, I was nurtured from a young age with a love for music, dance and the arts. As an active participant in fine art events all throughout school and college, I won the title “Kalathilakam” for two consecutive years. I wanted to do justice to the talent I had been blessed with, but my only exposure to the success in the arts were limited to the pursuit of acceptance and applause.

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