Joanna Rachel Andrews shares how she started loving the gospel music scene and encourages all those music loving souls to give it a try

Normally, I used to listen to pop songs by classic pop stars like Arianna Grande or Camilla Cabello or maybe even songs that my sister was listening to. But, as I started going to JY programs and events or households that my parents would bring me to, I started getting interested in devotional music like that from Hillsong. When I used to live in New Jersey, I went to a JY adoration, where I listened to the music that the music ministry was playing  and felt so peaceful.  When I truly listened to the words, it changed my views on music.

So many people love music. I grew up with it because my dad is a musician with a very deep faith. He’s always traveling around the world for retreats and programs, singing and spreading God’s message to many people around the world in all different countries. I know that he sings to spread God’s message and it touches so many people. But why? Why is some music like gospel music and devotional music, so important to us Christians?

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Joanna Rachel Andrews is a 12-Year Old Middle Schooler living in Houston, USA, with her parents and 6 siblings. Some of the things she enjoys are theatre, singing, and art aside from hanging out with her friends.