Sonia Kurian chronicles the different vocational paths available in our journey towards the fullness of happiness in Him

There is perhaps no greater call from the Lord, that will impact your life and path to sainthood more, than your vocation. In the Christian/Catholic context of course, by vocation we typically mean the fundamental path/state of life, that the Lord might be calling us to live our life. Whether it be priesthood, religious life, consecrated life or marriage, it is important to remember that every vocation is always directed to the ultimate vocation to holiness. As the Second Vatican Council teaches in Lumen Gentium, “all the faithful, whatever their condition or state, are called by the Lord, each in his own way, to that perfect holiness whereby the Father Himself is perfect.” This is the end we are all called to, without exception, regardless of our chosen path/vocation. And this is also the primary purpose of answering the vocational call – to utter a ‘Yes’ to the divine plan by which the Lord has chosen to woo us to heaven, and help others fall in love as well.

The call to Holy Orders and religious life, may be the first thing that most people think of, when they hear the word ‘vocation’ mentioned. It is one of the many vocations that the Lord may be calling you to, and the one that embodies the divine romance between Christ and his Church. It bears witness to the spousal union with our Lord, that the other vocations will perhaps only fully experience in heaven. It only takes looking at the lives of the great saints to see the heights of sanctity and ecstasy experienced within this vocation. Not only is there the absolute joy of getting to live out the interior and exterior life of love, with the Divine Lover himself.  But there is also the opportunity of offering spiritual motherhood and fatherhood to the body of Christ itself – to reach out to countless souls, and to form and draw them into the heart of God And if that weren’t enough, Priesthood also offers the gift of administering the sacraments, including the Eucharist – thus fulfilling the promises made by Christ himself, to His Bride.

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Sonia Kurian,Texas,USA
Sonia Kurian,Texas,USA

Sonia Kurian, is a writer & preacher and actively involved in Jesus Youth. She works as a Clinical Systems Analyst in Houston, USA. and is part of the Kairos Global Editorial Council.