Jesus Youth movement got its name from the 1985 conference.  Many participants of that gathering would recall a group discussion we had there, on the person of Jesus. We all met in small groups and each group had a card on which there were ten very different pictures of Jesus – Jesus teaching, Jesus praying, pointing the way, as a shepherd, the suffering one, the merciful Lord, Jesus caressing a child and so on. Each person was asked to reflect on these, select a favourite image and share what he or she found fascinating about Jesus. That workshop somehow deeply touched most of the delegates in that historic conference.

In the very next year, Jesus Youth began operating in college and university campuses in a big way. Under the leadership of the ‘Campus Ministry’, a variety of programs like Youth Encounter, Campus Meet, Leaders Meet, Talent sessions and the like were organised. One essential ingredient in most of these programs was a session called ‘Jesus of the Gospels’. Everyone had heard so much about Jesus, but taking a fresh look at this Jesus as described by the four biographers was quite a novel and energizing experience for all these young people.

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Dr Edward Edezhath, is one of the pioneers of pioneers of Jesus Youth gives us a glimpse of the growth of the movement