One of our friends had a desire to do something for Kuwait but was not sure what to do. After much prayer, he decided to start distributing food for people who are staying in camps. In the past, Kuwait Cathedral had organised a Christmas buffet dinner for the marginalised people staying in camps. In 2017, I was also part of this event.

On the day of the event, while we were picking up people from different camps, we saw a man eating from the garbage. We immediately requested him to come with us for the event, and after dinner, many people came to us and said it’s been a long time since they had such good food and that it was for the first time, they were having a buffet. These incidences really touched us. Six of us sat together and prayed to get a confirmation from the Lord whether or not to proceed with our desire for a food mission. It was the first week of January 2018. A few visions we had during that time were: 1) Elijah was fed by ravens, it’s time for you all to become a raven for the poor and needy. 2) A kitchen where Mary is cutting vegetables, apostles are helping and Jesus is stirring a big vessel. A small kid comes to Jesus and ask him whether the food is ready, and where it would be served? Jesus replies with a smile, “I will take you.” 3) In a beautiful handwriting, GO AHEAD I AM WITH YOU.

These confirmations empowered us. That’s how Kuwait Food Mission was started. We decided to cook the food and distribute it. Now, this was a challenge. How can we cook the food? Who would provide a kitchen, a big burner, vessel etc. But by the grace of God, we started getting answers and we planned for food distribution once a month.

Our first mission was on January 19, 2018. It was a supper for cleaning staff – 80 packets of Ghee Rice, Egg curry, Yoghurt, and juice. Many JYs reached out to help us in food preparation, packing, and distribution. Soon, we got sponsors for burner, vessel and gradually everything fell in place. By God’s grace, from the next month we were able to give chicken curry with Ghee Rice/ Chapathi. Each month was a miracle. People who came to help us were not just JYs but also from other religions. On one occasion, we were able to distribute 350 packets.

We reach out to people staying in camps who have very low income. They save every single penny, they don’t even have a proper diet and were struggling in the adverse climatic condition. One of the camps which was too far from the city didn’t even have a Clinic/ hospital or any other amenities, not even restaurant or vegetable shops. Some people have to travel more than three hours to reach their work sites. Around six to eight people are crammed into a room. All these experiences touched us and made us realize how lucky we are, as we are surrounded by many blessings like church, friends, shops, malls, clinics, transportation facilities etc.

In a few months, we got volunteers who were professional chefs for preparing food. Many people helped us with money, food items, logistics etc. God provided for our monthly expenses and neither did we take money in advance from our sponsors.

Usually we would visit individual rooms and distribute the packets until they got over. Once we visited a camp and the people were assembled in a big hall. We had around 160-170 packets, but we felt the crowd was around 200. Seeing the crowd, I was worried whether our packets would be enough. I was tensed and was literally begging Jesus to fill the gap if it was less. At that moment, I heard a strong voice speaking to me: Dear, I have been taking care of this mission from a long time and I know how to manage. I started this mission and I know how to carry through.I was filled with joy and confidence. At the end, everyone got the packets and in addition, some took a few for their roommates who couldn’t come. After distribution, while I was sharing my experience, one of them mentioned that he too was getting tense, but God spoke to him saying, I have taken care of more than 5000 people with two fish and five loaves. You guys have brought more than that.

In another camp, they asked for 120 packets of food. While the food was cooked and packed it was just 102. I was again worried about what we would do as it was already time to serve. We purchased extra chicken curry from a restaurant and divided into our containers and made it 120. After we distributed the packets in the camp, exactly 18 packets were remaining. We understood that if God was the provider we would always have enough. From then on we never worried about the number of packets of food with respect to the number of people.

Joby John, is a Jesus Youth and part of the Food mission team in Kuwait