St Mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one”. Yet, the busyness of life often prevents us from seeing the hungry, lonely and needy around us. As the poem of St Theresa of Avila resounds, ‘Christ, though, has no hands or feet on earth to good, but yours’! Outreach Child Support is one such initiative that was born when a few people looked with compassion at the world around them, and was open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to be the change in the lives of the young children around them.

Outreach Child Support (OCS) comes under Jeevana Samridhi Trust, a public charitable trust registered in India, that was formed in response to the heartrending realities of suffering and deprivation that we see around in our society – both natural as well as manmade.

OCS supports very poor families – those who have no means to provide education for their children. The denial of this basic human right, the right to education, due only to monetary constraints is a gross injustice for any civilized society. OCS is a humble effort to remedy this injustice, even if only for the small proportion of families it supports. The intended beneficiaries of this project are students up until Class/Year 12, who are supported in their education by means of a financial aid. The idea is to accompany them in their journey of education with the wider intention of the holistic development of their identity. We hope that since today’s child would build tomorrow’s families, and as family is the foundational unit of any society, the support given to today’s children would slowly, but surely create a ripple effect in the community.

Below is the testimony from one of the beneficiaries of OCS.

*Mounica Amarlapudi, studying in Mamillagudam Government High School,Telangana (State), India is the school topper having successfully completed her 10th grade with 9.7 GPA.

Having lost her father when she was in Class/Year 2, her mother who had been a homemaker was forced to work to support the little family. Mounica realised the great loss at home and understood her mother’s hard work. She worked hard at her studies, and was outstanding in all her subjects and activities at school. When one of our OCS volunteer visited her after the exams, she was extremely confident of getting 100% results for all subjects, except Social Studies and English. Mounica is determined and aspires to become an engineer.

Isn’t it a wonderful blessing from God? Many a time even after having all facilities, many fail to do justice to the gifts they are bestowed with, but this young girl with the limited help and minimal facilities, scored high. When a person is understood and his/her inner potential discovered and encouraged, they feel empowered to overcome any challenge. Let’s come forward and extend our helping hands to many such talented children who are deprived of these privileges due to a lack of money. And let’s make way for many kids like Mounica to achieve their dreams.

While reading this, if you are inspired to reach out with Outreach Child Support to the needy, please contact us at or +91 9562489489, +91 7902489489.

* Name changed to protect the privacy of the student.

Subin Jacob is a management professional living in Cochin with his wife and three children. He is currently the director of the OCS.