Be God’s instruments of healing, like Apostles

As per the narrations of the Acts of the Apostles the preaching of the Gospel does not only rely on words, but on concrete actions that bear witness to the truth of the proclamation. The beggar, in meeting the apostles, does not find money, but the name that saves: Jesus Christ the Nazarene. The apostles look at the beggar and say “look at us”. This is what Jesus does with all of us. Through bad times, in moments of sin, in moments of sadness, Jesus says to us ‘look at me: I am here!’

Self-interest and hypocrisy destroy the Church

Many people say they are close to the Church – as friends of priests or bishops, while they are only looking for their own interest. These are the hypocrisies that destroy the Church.  As opposed to human society, where the tendency is to look after one’s own interests, regardless or even to the detriment of others, the community of believers banishes individualism to foster sharing and solidarity.

True wealth is found in Jesus Christ, not money

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Dr.Kochurani Joseph,Kerala,India
Dr.Kochurani Joseph,Kerala,India

Animator, National Professional Ministry, India