Joby Mundackal challenges us to rethink our priorities on the concept of ‘poverty’ and to embrace Jesus’ attitude to the poor around us.

Aren’t we supposed to live among the poor? The question shook me to the core, putting me in a very uncomfortable position. In fact, the person who asked me this question is the head of a family who practices this in their life.

I was blessed to meet a family in our neighbourhood with seven children. When we first visited their home in 2011, my first impression was of visiting a poor family. Later, after years of interaction with them and through common friends, I realised that they are in fact an upper middle-class family in UK, who after a Christ-encounter chose to live in this poor urban area of Manchester, UK. While discussing the above uncomfortable question, they told me that their mission is ‘to be with the poor’. Theirs is not a neighbourhood anyone would willingly choose to buy a home. But they bought a house there, and later built a lathe with the intention of employing one youngster, who was then into drugs. Doing a business with the aim of employing one person! Later, although the business became financially unviable, over the years the youngster moved into other jobs and moved away from drugs. Having witnessed the self-giving love and faith of this family, I am sure one day he will encounter Christ and choose to become a Christian.

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Joby Mundackal , Manchester, UK
Joby Mundackal , Manchester, UK

Joby Mundackal lives in Manchester, UK with wife Vinitha and four children. Joby is also part of the JYUK National Council.