Our life is the greatest gift from God and we, who are recipients of this gift have no right to destroy or deny this gift for another. Yet today, through the mortal sin of abortion, all around the world we see the dignity of human beings being trampled on with no regard whatsoever to the value of life. But have we ever thought that may be our words and prayers is what God needs to check and arrest this spiralling culture of death? God was kind enough to teach me this revelation, through a life experience some time back.

Many years back, I was studying for B.Sc. Nursing in Bangalore and as part of our course, we had OBG clinical postings at different hospitals around Bangalore. This was the time when I came face to face with how widespread the practice of abortion was, and how lightly people around were taking the decision to end the precious gift of a new life. I also witnessed the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who were in one way or other aiding this heinous crime against humanity.

This was also the time when through a Jesus Youth prolife program in Bangalore, I came to a better and profound understanding of the sanctity of human life, and God planted in me the firm conviction that abortion is nothing but murder and thus, a mortal sin. Thus I started praying from the bottom of my heart, uniting my prayers with the tears of Jesus for each life – “Lord Jesus, if you will, please use me as an instrument to save at least a baby’s life.”

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Meenu Jose works as a Nurse and recently moved to Ireland. She has been involved in Nurses and Prolife ministries and was a part of the 2011 mission – nurse batch.