The ‘Our Father’ is the synthesis of every prayer

The Our Father prayer is one of the most precious gifts Jesus has left us. The disciples wanted to experience the same ‘quality’ of prayer that was present in Jesus’ relationship with the Father. They could see that prayer was an essential dimension in the life of their Master. They noted that each of His important actions was characterized by extended periods of prayer.

Martha and Mary show us the way.

Reflecting on the Gospel the Pope commented that Martha had a gift for hospitality and Jesus did not intend to condemn an attitude of service.  The two sisters welcomed Him, and whilst one sister, Mary, sits at His feet with the desire to listen to each and every word He speaks, the other sister, Martha, tends to Jesus’ needs. The wisdom of the heart lies precisely in knowing how to combine these two elements: contemplation and action. When Jesus is there, everything must be put aside because, when He comes to visit us in our lives, his presence and His word come before everything.

50th anniversary of moon landing is an ‘inspiration for common good’

Man set foot on the moon, achieving an extraordinary dream. The memory of that great step for humanity might spark the desire to reach even “greater goals” like  more dignity for the weak, more justice among peoples, more future for our common home and ignite the desire for further progress

 Mercy is the true face of love

The trait of a true Christian is to always be merciful and compassionate.  Mercy towards a human life in a state of need is the true face of love. If before a person in need you do not feel compassion, if your heart is not moved, it means that your heart has stiffened and turned to ice.  If you cross a homeless person on your path, and you pass by without looking at him, or thinking ‘he’s drunk,’ ask yourself whether your heart has turned to ice. So judge your own heart first,  not that of those in need.

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