Divya Immanuel talks about how a little child taught her a simple lesson on saying ‘no to temptations’

Temptations come in different forms. It allures us in different ways. And if we do not have the will power then we fall into the trap. It could be as simple as binging on food. We all come across many temptations that hold us back from achieving what we are meant to achieve, because when tempted our focus shifts.

But it’s all a matter of saying ‘no’ to it.

This experience is from a couple of months back when I was interacting with my nephew who was a year old then. We all know that children are inquisitive by nature; as they grow, they explore. They want to see, touch, feel everything that is kept in a room even when there are restrictions. The restriction here was that he was not supposed to touch the laptop.

The temptation to touch something that is within reach, so easily available is even more than the temptation towards something that is not easily available. A little is enough to make us want more.

My nephew was instructed not to touch the laptop but what could he do if it was within reach? Well! Here is what happened.

He went ahead to touch the screen and use the keyboard. I noticed this and called his name. He looked back and continued to work on it. I called out again and told him that he is not supposed to work on the laptop (also in my mind thinking, why is this kept within close reach of this child). He looked at me again and to my surprise, he closed the lid and moved the laptop away from himself.

This was the only thing needed to get away from the temptation. He said ‘no’ to it. And he moved on to play.

It’s just amazing how sometimes children teach us very simple things that we as adults find hard to do. The first step was to say ‘no, sorry I am not entertaining you temptation, please go, shut yourself down’.

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