Though interested in art from a young age, I was never serious about it. I used to draw whenever I got time or felt like doing it. I love colors and nature. At some point of time, I started creating faith related paintings and drawings and I felt at peace as well as a sense of accomplishment in doing so.

Then there came a time in my life when I was feeling very low. I started spending hours in adoration and sharing my deepest thoughts with God by writing to Him in my diary. I would scribble the Bible verses I read each day, and this practice continued for a while. Slowly it became a habit for me and my focus of art was tuned almost fully into faith related work. I started trying out hand lettering of bible verses which touched me personally and did paintings related to faith. God was actually using this time that I thought was a bad time in life, to bring out something beautiful in me.

The truth is I’m not a very creative person. Whatever artwork I have done and am doing now reflects the thoughts and ideas that He gives me in prayer. I started doing more artworks and shared them on social media. I believe these bible verses in art form can touch and inspire people who see it because I myself have been inspired and touched by many posts and pictures that I have seen on social media.



















































Rose Mary Tom is an Engineer who lives in Singapore with her husband Daniel. She is part of the music ministry in Singapore