Jinto Jose shares his journey of hopes, dreams, disappointments and challenges of trying to establish a faith centred community in the atheistic heart of Europe.

The Call

The Lord touched me and called me during my final year of Bachelors at NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad Kerala. I had gone for a Jesus Youth program called ‘GPNS’ at Emmaus, Cochin, and got introduced to a few JYs  from different colleges in Kerala who were completing their studies. GPNS widened my exposure to a life of mission. Later on I went for a short one month mission which was then called ‘Professionals to Mission’ – the destination being Jabalpur and its neighbouring tribal areas. I had a profound experience with the Holy spirit, that would go on to shape my life in ways I couldn’t imagine.

The one-month mission gave me memories for a lifetime. An experience with the Spirit who did his wonders by pushing me out of my comfort zone. After my mission in Jabalpur I had around 6 months before joining an IT consulting firm. Elders in the ministry suggested using this time for Jesus Youth. It was another level of mission formation for me. Then after my training at work, I chose to be in Chennai where I thought I could contribute to mission. In Chennai I was blessed with wonderful mentors, elders and spiritual guides who helped form me further. People who guided me, people who were thrilled when a new encyclical came out, people who studied about what the church teaching is on various topics. This is where I grew close to the Universal Catholic Church.

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Jinto Jose,Delft, Netherlands
Jinto Jose,Delft, Netherlands

Jinto Jose, a Jesus Youth since 2007 and coordinator of JY Netherlands is
currently working in data product management. He lives in Delft, Netherlands along with his wife Annu and two children.