Jesus Youth India Full-Time Volunteers Training – 2019

The Jesus Youth India ‘National Full Time Volunteer Training’ was held from May 29 to June 30 at Jyothir Bhavan, Kalamassery, Kerala. The training was attended by 32 young adults – 20 young men and 12 young women, from different parts of the country. The month long training focused on equipping the participants to lead a Christ centered Life. Weekly confessions and spiritual guidance from Fr. Jose Thaiparambil, JYFT Chaplain, and Sr. Suma Jose SD, helped the participants understand better those personal areas they ought to concentrate on.

During the training, the participants got an opportunity to lead prayer groups in various colleges in Ernakulam. During the parish out-reach to St. Francis Assisi Church, Vellappaly, Alappuzha, they visited houses and conducted programs for Catechism students and youth in the parish, as well as got the chance to interact with His Excellency Bishop James Raphel Anaparambil.

The presence of senior leaders and pioneers of Jesus Youth was a great blessing and inspiration for the participants. The training programme ended on June 30th with a grand commissioning ceremony. His Excellency Bishop Alex Vadakumthala (Ecclesiastical Advisor Jesus Youth India) celebrated the mass and commissioned the 28th Batch full-time volunteers.

Ecclesiastical Advisor for Jesus Youth India

Most. Rev. Alex Vadakumthala, Bishop of Kannur Diocese has been appointed as the Ecclesiastical Advisor for Jesus Youth India. The appointment is for three years beginning in June 2019. His Excellency is a very good friend of Jesus Youth and has supported and guided us in commendably in the past. His Excellency  played a major role in drafting the Jesus Youth statutes back when His Excellency was a serving as a priest.

Uganda National Team

Jesus Youth first started in Uganda in 2010 as a mission outreach by a few missionaries from the Middle East. Slowly the movement grew over the years. Now, there are around 500 Jesus Youth spread over 7 dioceses, 46 prayer groups in 32 parishes and 15 institutions. The first Jesus Youth National Team for Uganda was formed during the National Leaders gathering held on July 6th to 9th 2019 at Namugongo, Kampala.  Ronald Mboowa is the coordinator and Karungi Bridget is the Asst Coordinator.

Angelos, UK

Jesus Youth UK organised a three day conference for nurses in June at St. Albans, aimed mainly for nurses who have recently migrated to UK. The conference was named Angelos, meaning Angels, emphasizing the role of nurses as angels in people’s life. A few young enthusiastic nurses who had encountered God’s love through the Jesus Youth Movement came forward to coordinate this conference and with the constant guidance and support from elders, made the conference a big success. The power of the prayer raised for the conference was evident throughout, and all the 45 participants and volunteers were filled with a renewed spirit of God’s love. Understanding the fact that the love and grace they have received is not to be hidden within themselves, but to be spread out to people around them, the participants have already started eight prayer groups in their respective areas, and a few more are planned in the coming days. A follow-up faith formation program is being rolled out, as we pray for a bigger conference in future. All glory to God All Mighty.

Bishop Raphael Thattil in Singapore

On July 6 2019, the leaders of Jesus Youth Singapore had the golden opportunity of meeting and receiving blessings from Jesus Youth International Ecclesiastical Advisor Bishop Raphael Thattil, who was on a 2 day visit. The hour long casual meeting began with a short time of praise, followed by the sharing of the leaders present. His Grace encouraged the delegates to take steps to bring Kairos Global magazine to local parishes and youth, as it’s a good tool for evangelization filled with real life faith stories of Jesus Youth. The leaders who visited His Grace received fire within their hearts to be channels of more effective reach out and evangelization in Singapore.