Conflicts are going to arise in families no matter how spiritual you are, observes Millon Jose and shares some practical tips to forgive one another, which is part of the vocation and mission of the family

Without forgiveness there cannot be real charity at home. It is impossible for a couple to have true intimacy when there is resentment and unforgiveness.  We may not be aware of the anger and resentment we harbor in our heart. This may be growing under the hood of our daily life and can cause regular conflicts.

Some signs to watch out for in our relationships: 

  • When one digs up and blames the other on any past events during arguments.
  • Bursting with anger: Possibly bottling up anger.
  • Keeping a list of offences.
  • Boasting of one’s own record with the other spouse.
  • Complaining – Often you find yourself dwelling on what he or she did to you.
  • If you have it in your mind the “He/she will never change”

Conflicts are going to arise in families no matter how spiritual you are. If you have anger or resentment with your spouse, sort the issue out in charity – discuss right away, in here lies the real secret to real happiness and to restore peace. In this way our heart will release out its injury, rather than building resentment. So, it is important to make peace with our spouse quickly. It is not easy to say “I am Sorry…” or “Please forgive me…”, but a person who utters this first wins a greater victory – For they are the peacemakers, Jesus calls them “Children of God” Matt:5:9

Pope Francis calls the family, “a great training ground for self-gift and mutual forgiveness.”  In his General Audience on November 4, 2015, the Holy Father said the key attitude needed in family life and for cultivating love among its members is, forgiveness. Here are some practical tips from his address:

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Millon Jose,Dallas,USA
Millon Jose,Dallas,USA

Millon Jose is a Jesus Youth; a Software Developer by Profession.He lives in Dallas, USA with his wife Linda and six kids.