What is JY - a caring community or a mission project?

We faced a crisis during the late 1970’s. The core team of our fast-growing prayer group was constantly fighting. There were seven of us in the team and we were divided on many issues. Some of us in the team were making big plans to build the community, while the others thought they were too fanciful. These other members were mostly doing things outside the community, and the rest of us felt as if they had no time for the community. All this resulted in misunderstandings, allegations and endless arguments.

Finally, we took time to have a sitting with the national Chairman. This priest listened to us attentively and for a while we prayed together. Then he gave us some insights into what was happening in our team. May be this was a fight between two parallel ‘visions’. Some of us in the team were deeply convinced of the need for building a sharing and caring fellowship and were committed to that; but the other half of the team had deep evangelistic drive and was thinking overtime to go out and do missionary outreach. These divergent Christian visions were driving us parallelly and hence we were fighting.

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Dr. Edward Edezhath, Cochin,India
Dr. Edward Edezhath, Cochin,India

Dr Edward Edezhath, is one of the pioneering leaders and animators of the Jesus Youth movement. A senior lecturer in St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam, India, he lives with his wife is Audry in Cochin, India. They have three children, Ralph, Nicole and Aidan.