Giovanni Paolo Lewis introspects on the time and effects the virtual worlds have in our daily life

Picture yourself on a runaway train with no brakes. The train could take you wherever it wanted, putting you in possible harm and danger. Now, say you had control over the train, the possibilities of where you could travel are endless. In the world we live in, it can be said that technology and media are very much like this train. People of all ages use their phones, computers, and other tech on a daily basis, but how does it really affect us?

Media has shown many good uses in modern society, but on the flip side, have negative effects if not used wisely. Some good things about media, are that it keeps you updated about the world around you, and bring people together to find common ideas and interests. Information that once was not accessible to the average person, is now right at our fingertips.

However, even the things that are meant to be good, can be used wrongly. One of the worst effects of media on young kids is addiction. Kids who are addicted to the media, tend to refuse to do anything than be stuck to their screens. Another negative effect is media’s potential to cause people to lose focus and not pay attention to what’s important. When anyone is addicted to the virtual world, they find it hard to make real connections, have real relationships, or even talk to their families. The overuse of media, especially towards the end of the day can lead to irregular sleep patterns, which can lead to anxiety, stress, and decreased brain function.

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Giovanni Lewis,Houston,USA
Giovanni Lewis,Houston,USA

Giovanni Paolo Lewis an 8th grader from Houston, USA and his line of interests is Science and Music.