“Unplanned” is based on the true story of a former Planned Parenthood (America’s #1 abortion chain provider) clinic director, Abby Johnson, and her miraculous pro-life conversion story. Abby grew up in a conservative, pro-life Christian family, but found herself lured into the abortion industry after seeing their booth at a volunteer fair at her college campus. In 8 years, she climbed up the ladder from volunteer to clinic director at Planned Parenthood, and was even awarded “Employee of the Year” under the illusion that she was truly helping women.

Abby Johnson regularly encountered pro-life activists praying at the clinic gates. Over the years, she even became acquaintances with one married couple who never gave up peacefully praying for Abby. One day, Johnson was called into the procedure room to assist in an ultrasound guided abortion. She saw the horror of the baby in the womb fighting for his life, twisting and desperate to flee from the vacuum tube. Unaware that a baby could feel pain in the womb, Abby saw the baby brutally squeezed and suctioned away. After that day, Johnson fled to the local pro-life group “40 Days for Life”, and met with the same couple who had actively prayed outside of Planned Parenthood all these years.

Some people might ask, “isn’t unplanned just another pro-life movie for pro-life people?”. My answer is a definite NO. I think this is a witness that many can walk away with:

    Clinic workers are not monsters. The film did an excellent job of showing how the women working in the Planned Parenthood considered each other friends and really believe they are helping women. The workers even threw a surprise Baby Shower for Abby after hours at the clinic, ironically where ~40 pregnancies were terminated in that same building that day.

This film should gain momentum for the pro-life movement. No more silence from Christians and false humility or extra precaution of not offending anyone. The time is NOW to speak and defend the unborn. I am convinced we will have to answer for the bloodshed of these innocent children.

The lies of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry was thoroughly exposed in this movie. It was eye-opening to see the industry’s greed for money while blatantly exploiting women. There was a scene of a teenage girl whose abortion resulted in profuse bleeding due to her perforated uterus. The doctor was frazzled while trying to stop the blood loss, and the decision was made to NOT call an ambulance for fear of the press and bad media coverage. Simply put, it was just outrageous.

After all this, Abby is now one of the strongest and fearless pro-life leaders and currently leads an organization to help abortion workers leave the industry. She is an amazing testimony to God’s MERCY and that no person is beyond His reach!

Change of heart and conversions do not happen overnight. After years of intercession and sacrifices, Abby’s heart was converted and she is now spearheading this pro-life movement. If you ever feel discouraged, or do not see the use or the fruit of your prayer, know that God is working miracles and prayer is never in vain. I  recommend this movie to all pro-life and pro-choice people to see and understand the argument on both sides. We know that LIFE will prevail and Jesus has already won the battle.