Fellowship is like yeast in bread – without which the bread will deflate and not rise. Similarly, in our faith journey – especially as a Jesus Youth who is constantly put to test in everyday life situations, it is hard to keep going strong at all times. It is not easy to be a Catholic nowadays and it surely isn’t easy to go evangelize in such a hard-hearted world. Sometimes it may get tiring and even be disheartening. In addition to that, what happens when we face a very low moment in life? Do we get angry at God? Do we lose trust? It is in these moments that fellowship can help us remember that in togetherness, God makes us strong. Spending time with others can heal us. I often look up to my friends and elders, always feeling inspired and rejuvenated by their life stories. I learn so much from just being around them, and that has truly helped shape my faith and how I live my life. Personally, something which I find really helpful is that I have a friend who keeps account of my last confession date and keeps reminding me to go every month. These simple acts of fellowship and relationships we build, can become very crucial in our faith journey.

Jithin James Mullappillil, Leamington, UK

I am a Jesus Youth because of JY fellowship. Fellowship in the movement attracted me to the joyful spirit of the movement and also helps me in sustaining in the JY spirituality. From my college days, I have been away from my family. However, I have never felt being away from my ‘home’ because of JY fellowship. Once I moved to the USA for studies, initially I was not living in an area where there is an active JY presence. Yet with the help of technology and internet, I was able to be in contact with other JYs, far and wide. Fellowship in JY helps me to grow spiritually, accept corrections, and receive guidance in my life. After my marriage, my wife Geethu was initially attracted to the movement only because of the warmth of the fellowship. Now every month, all of us as a family look forward to the monthly Households and fellowships in Dallas. This monthly gathering is my family’s spiritual wellness program.

Towino Paramby, Conway, USA

Fellowship is a unique quality of our Jesus Youth movement. I have always cherished it during all my years with the movement. No one can believe alone and by himself, just as no one can live alone and by himself. We receive the faith from the Church and live it out in fellowship with the people with whom we share our faith [CCC 166]. I believe fellowship is giving us the grace to grow together in faith. Fellowship in the movement has always helped me to find someone to listen, pray, to journey with, as well as guide and support me in my faith journey. When I struggle to be consistent with all the other pillars, fellowship really helps me to get back on track. A follow up message or a call from our fellow JYs is enough to give me the boost that I need in my life.

Beena Lijo, Derby, UK