Joe Mampalli, Jeslin and their eight children went for a one month mission trip and share their experience.

For long, Joe Mampalli has been dreaming about going for a mission experience as a family. But the mission journey kept getting delayed. However, the dream of a mission trip was in their prayers.

Meanwhile, they were under tremendous troubles in UAE. By the end of 2013, they decided to move back to Kerala after a long 17-years in UAE. Moving back to Kerala was not easy for them, especially for the kids. It was as if moving to an entirely new place; new school, new friends, and a totally new environment. Meantime, Jeslin conceived and baby Jones, their eighth child arrived in October 2014.

Amidst all these, they continued to pray for the mission experience.  A wake-up call was given by Gem, their eldest daughter during her 10th exam. Once again, they started to plan for mission; ideally after the exams and before the results were out. Joe decided to consult his good friend, Fr Mathew Puthiyidom MCBS, who was in charge of the Mengio mission, under the Itanagar Diocese of Arunachal Pradesh, India. When shared about the dream, Fr Mathew encouraged them and asked them to start as soon as possible. The JY Mission desk was also happy about their decision as they felt a big family mission trip will encourage other families, as well.

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