A peek into the Yes to Life! prolife conference held in Rome from May 23 to 25 by our prolifers Dino Paul and Naveen John

The Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life organized an international conference on the defence of nascent human life in extremely frail conditions. The aim was to “enable families, professional health care operators and pastoral caregivers  to cooperate in a true and proper  ecclesial ‘mission’ to safeguard nascent human  life in fragile conditions,” creating that “therapeutic alliance” representing one of the most beautiful  aspects of the Church, “like the Good Samaritan  involved in the care and service of the weak.”

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Dr Navin John and Dino Paul
Dr Navin John and Dino Paul

Dr Navin John lives in UK with wife Maria and daughter Maryann. He is Jesus Youth UK National council member.
Dino Paul lives in Bangalore, India with his wife Soumya and three sons Mighael , Raphael and Gabriel. He is the cordinator of the Jesus Youth Prolife ministry in India.