Jom George Koippallil shares the journey of 8 Singapore JYs as they go on their first Mission exposure trip.

It is quite natural to be ‘reluctant’ at times to respond to our call. But what happens when we blindly say ‘YES’ to the lord? The answer is, ‘birth of Missionaries,’ says Jom George Koippallil, who was one among the eight, of the first batch of missionaries from Singapore.

We were 8 who said ‘YES’ to the Lord, despite the typical strains on our mundane lives. We were not perfect. We had financial struggles, joblessness, depression due to demise of a parent, prolonged wait for a life partner etc. But we decided to put aside these and surrender ourselves to God. The result was, the first batch of missionaries from Singapore was born. We were Aji George, Maria Merin Antony, Ashish Kurian, Phyllis Goh, Jerin Paul, Fionne Grace Lai, Jennifer Francis and myself, Jom George.

We landed in Guwahati airport on February 16, 2019 and were welcomed by the Guwahati JY co-ordinators. Soon after arriving, we realised we are already out of our comfort zones. We had to walk for hours searching for a restaurant to have our breakfast. Normally, everything was given to us without delay. But here, we were learning patience and tolerance. After a late breakfast, we set off for Shillong, which was a three-and-a-half-hour journey from Guwahati.

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