“Did you hear about the new Government Decision?”

“They are going to separate Pre-degree from colleges and start 11th and 12th standards in schools. This will surely change the whole Jesus Youth movement.”

The year was 1997, and this active Jesus Youth leader told me in detail how the new Kerala Government order will deeply affect the movement. College Campus ministry is a very active segment of the movement. In Colleges the initial two years were Pre-Degree, and although those in that age group would usually be the most troublesome lot, when they get touched by the Lord and became Jesus Youth, they were the most dedicated and creative. With the new move this section will go to schools and they will come under strict control of teachers. In Colleges the tone and dynamics of the ministry will change.

“I think we have to begin a new ministry in the movement,” he suggested. Of course, this led to a meeting of the Jesus Youth team and a series of other meetings. After a number of steps a new ministry was born in Jesus Youth, the Teens Ministry.

Of course, raising this problem, the discussion that followed, and the final decision, together formed a big leap in the movement. When we think of it, the journey of the movement is a series of such decisions by so many different groups and teams. So, it is so very important that the groups learn the ‘how’ of making decisions in groups.

How you decide, builds or kills a group

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Dr. Edward Edezhath, Cochin,India
Dr. Edward Edezhath, Cochin,India

Dr Edward Edezhath, is one of the pioneering leaders and animators of the Jesus Youth movement. A senior lecturer in St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam, India, he lives with his wife is Audry in Cochin, India. They have three children, Ralph, Nicole and Aidan.