For me living in sacraments is about receiving God’s grace through practicing little things of our daily life… It helps me and my family to grow closer to him… Every day when we go for work me and my husband pray over each other and I feel that it’s a great way of enriching our married life and provides protection for each other…. When we leave our homes we bless ourselves with holy water which is a great way of reminding us our baptism…. We try to go for daily Mass as a family and that gives the spiritual nourishment for our family. Being around the altar of the Lord as a family and offering our struggles with Christ’s sacrifices gives us peace and joy. Going for confession as a family is another way of repairing and strengthening our souls. We also pray for priests and help in our parish whichever way we can. As a Jesus Youth, being part of the formation training sessions has certainly helped me to increase my awareness of sacraments and applying them to my day to day life helps me to grow closer to him….

Betsy Dasan / Ireland

Graces for my daily life – Holy Eucharist! When I started attending the Holy Mass meaningfully, it slowly started to change my inner self. My attitudes and my prejudice gave way to more understanding and love towards me and others. I am getting new convictions and answers for my questions about my life after receiving my Lord, Jesus Christ daily. I am a new creation in Jesus Christ now. Alterations in every aspect of life are easy now. All my decisions and actions have been given the priority for the will of my God, the Father. Each day, the Holy Spirit is guiding and helping me to live a better sacramental life. I am happy as a Catholic where I can receive the abundant graces I need very much in my life for the betterment of myself and my society. Praise God.

Sumol Pious /Oman

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